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Although I now reside in Seattle, I am still very thankful for my time at The University of Iowa Children's Hospital. This past Thanksgiving weekend, the 4th annual Carousel Volkswagen Jingle Cross Rock Cyclocross weekend took place in Iowa City, Iowa. Started in 2004 as a small grass routes race, this race has now emerged as one of the top cyclocross races in North America. As the race director, it has been my great privilege to run this event with amazing volunteers from among the finest cycling teams and clubs in Iowa. Riders of all abilities, from beginners to Elite athletes including former U.S. National Champion Todd Wells, Tour de France rider Chris Horner, Olympic rider and Vuelta Espana stage winner Jason McCartney have raced in Iowa City in this event. Watch the highlight videos and then follow the link to see the wildest race on two wheels!  Mark your calendar...the 2008 event is already planned for November 29th and 30th!

 - John Meehan

Announcement: I am excited to be in Seattle with the University of  Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center. This is my first time living in the Pacific Northwest and I am thrilled to be living in such a diverse and interesting city. As a fellowship training program and one of the top 10 Children's Hospitals in the U.S., Seattle Children's Hospital offers an opportunity to help bring robotics to newly trained surgical fellows in pediatric surgery.

John J. Meehan MD, FACS


This educational website was designed to show the technical aspects of robotic surgery in children. Although these videos were edited and narrated for physicians, anyone is welcome to watch them. We often encourage our patients' families to view these videos so they can better understand the surgery that their child may require. All cases were performed by Dr. John Meehan. The children ranged in age from a 1 day old newborn to 17 years of age. Their weights ranged from 5.0 lbs up to 150 lbs. We used the standard 3-arm version of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot made by Intuitive Surgical of Sunnyvale, CA.


The cases you can see on this webpage are just a sample of what can be accomplished using robotics. I have performed over 200 robotic procedures in children including over 40 different types of operations.


These videos can be seen by following the links on the menu to the left for a 3-5 minute low resolution movie. The format is for Windows Media Player. If you do not have this video format, you can download it for free here. These short movies are not necessarily the best way or the only way to perform the procedure, it is simply the way we did it. A high resolution menu driven DVD demonstrating these procedures in more detail is available by clicking here

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Movie: Pediatric Robotic Surgery: Introduction

*** These videos are between 5 MB and 12 MB in size. A high speed internet connection is strongly recommended ***

  • Available February 1st ** Resection of an Intestinal Duplication with Intracorporeal Anastamosis:

  • Available February 1st ** Morgagni CDH Closure

  • Available February 1st ** Bochdalek CDH Closure, thoracic approach

  • Available February 1st ** Nephrectomy

  • Available June 15th ** Diaphragm Eventration

  • Available June 15th ** Mediastinal Teratoma

  • Available June 15th ** Robotic Repair of Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula

All videos are under copyright protection and are the property of John J. Meehan, MD. (206) 987-5814

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